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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SmartyKat™ Product Review

SmartyKat™ products are high quality, low priced toys that your cats are sure to love.

The SmartyKat™ FlutterBalls® are two toys in one: your cat can play with the fleece ball with the feathers, which mimics the movement of a bird when thrown around, or you can detach the feathers (held on by velcro) and your cat has a ball to chase around. My cats love them -- the feathers are a unique feature that not a lot of their toys have, so these are considered one of their "special" toys. Also, a great bonus that the SmartyKat™ website points out: the balls are filled with a cushy fiberfill so you won't accidentally step on them, hurting your feet or breaking them.

Another great product is the SmartyKat™ WildStreak® Wand, which works with the FlutterBalls®. I was very impressed when I saw the quality of the wand - it comes in two pieces that need to be put together, which I was skeptical about, but it has yet to separate, even during vigorous play. Another feature I was very impressed with was the "string" that attaches the toy to the wand. Rather than a generic string, the toy is connected with a fleece fabric strip that measures about three feet in length. When playing with the toy, this allows for a lighter, more fluid movement that entices my cats even more than their other wand

If your cat is a sucker for catnip (what cat isn't?!), the SmartyKat™ Refillable Catnip Toys are a great purchase.  They are available in a variety of animal designs, all that have an opening (which seals with velcro) that allows you to store catnip within the creature's body.  Your cat will have a blast "helping" you fill the toy, and it provides hours of fun as she throws the toy around, sniffing and often grooming it.  We own two of these: a chipmunk with velvet-like fur, complete with a stringy tail, and a squirrel, who is fluffier, with a furry tail. Our cats love to store them around our apartment, getting them out when they need a catnip fix.  One word of caution: to prevent catnip mess all over the place, make sure you push the catnip up into the body and seal the velcro as best as you can (make sure to clean off the catnip that gets stuck on it as this can cause problems closing it properly).  Some spillage is to be expected, but properly closing it reduces it.

You can purchase SmartyKat™ products from their
, from Target stores in their pet section, or from your local pet supply store. Both the FlutterBalls® (sold in a pack of three) and WildStreak® Wand sell for about $4.00 a piece.  The Refillable Catnip Toys vary in price based on their design.

All images used in this article are Copyright © SmartyKat™

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